Sharestan,The Gates and Quarters meybod


The stretched Sharestan at the bottom of the citadel was the residents of trades, merchants, artisans and some of the Farmers and people of Meybod. A huge clay fortress encircled Sharestan and in its four directions, four main gates made entrance into the City possible Narin Castle is located in the eastern South corner and at this point the fortress of the city joined the citadel’s fortress and that the wall around the City is changed into a double-folded wall. This part, due to its location at the predominant Height over the citadel, was considered a weak point in the time of the invasion of the enemies; however, this double folded fortress was a fortified defense against this natural weakness.


The Gates

The southern Gate (Shamsabad gate-Bazar Gate) is considered the most important entrance of Meybod. The leftovers of one of its two towers are still in evidence. The importance of this gate is due to its being beside the ancient highway of Ray-Kerman which ‏ passed through the southern part of the city and many passengers interred the big market place of the city through this road.
The ‏western gate or Kasnava Gate, which is still safely raised, has a way to the complex on the one side, and on the other side joints the ancient gardens of Kasnava.
The eastern or Koochok gate which is the farthest gate to the city center is the main connecting way of Sharestan to the Eastern outskirts.
The northern Gate or Seyed-Ghanbar gate is the connecting way of Sharestan and Bashnighan outskirts. This gate has lost its function as a gate after expansion of Sharestan to the North and after it’s joining Bashnighan.‏
two main northern-southern and Easter-western lanes have connected the gates. The streets intersect at the center of Sharestan at a place called the Sar-e houz-e bazaar. The market’s pond or Houz is where the Khar zar Qanat emerges which is one of the oldest Qanats of Meybod. This intersection is the religious place of the city in which the present complex of Jame mosque, caravanserai, cistern and Bazar has been related. Nowadays only Jame mosque has remained.

Quarters (residences)

Sharestan consists of three major quarters.
Bala quarter is located in the highest point of the city which way is an entrance structure with small houses and humble yards. Since from here the water of Qanats flows meters down the Earth we come across the structure of garden ditches (Godal Baghcheh). This quarter is one of the most ancient parts of Meybod where the Potters were located.
Meybod’s today pottery and tile industry is originated from the domestic pottery workshops of Bala quarter. The baller quarter itself is subdivided into smaller quarters like Anbar Ali, Sarab-e seyed ha, Chakhani ha, Chapishoon and Karam.
Payin quarter is located in the North and in the lower parts of Sharestan and is in fact the expansion of primary Meybod City. In this quarter water is easily accessible and the slope of the water of Qanat on the ground  in this part of the city has fascinated the existence of the big houses with Gardens which would suite the gentility and nobility of the city. This Paen quarter consists of some minor areas like Bagh-e Shahi (king’s garden), Bagh-e madrese (school garden) and Bagh-e Arabha (Arab’s garden).The koochok quarter with a half intense texture consists of two neighboring; Agricultural and residential areas, which are located at the bottom of Narin castle and is nearby the castle so that when passing through the Curved and labyrinth-like lines of this quarter, ‏one can see a very close and spectacular view of The Citadel. The residents are mostly agrarians, Farmers and Orchard owners whose ‏profession is cultivation and animal’s husbandry. The koochok quarter also consists of sub regions like Ali-abad and Konjuk. Outside Sharestan, a passage circumvents the fortress known as the behind-wall alley. This passage is the way between the city fortress and the surrounding orchards.


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