The post office


The castle-like post office (Chapar-khaneh) of Meybod is located next to the ancient way of Rey-Kerman in the west of caravanserai. This post office has the Ghajar structure. The duty of these Chapar-Khanehs is to take care of horses and provide fresh coursers by which to send an exchange quickly the letters and important deposits. That’s why the Post Offices were built like citadels and Towers to protect them better; this can be seen in its Towers, tall walls and the openings for proper guarding and shooting. After establishment of modern Post Offices, this chapat-khaneh had lost its significance and had changed to a ruinous building. In the recent years in the light of the attempts of the Association of Cultural Memorials of Meybod (one of the NGO’s) and with the aid and cooperation of cultural heritage, this building was repaired with in the course of 10 years and is supposed to change into the post office Museum.


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